Theory and Driving Test Questions

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Below are 35 random questions you might be asked during your real test.

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What shape is the sign that regulates?

Regulatory signs are round with red on white background with the exception of two: Stop and Yield

What is the rule about passing animals on the road?

Slow down, give plenty of room, do not sound your horn or rev your engine. Have patience.

Can you reverse from a minor road onto a major road?

No. (You should only reverse from a major road onto a minor road).

What shape and colour is a warning sign?

Diamond shape – yellow and black.

What sign prohibits you from entering a one-way street?

A round sign, white within a red circle, and an arrow with a slash through it.

Should you beckon pedestrians across a crossing?

You should not beckon pedestrians or other road users, as another vehicle may be approaching.

What does this sign mean?

kludge Crossroads with dual carriageway.

What position should you adopted when turning right?

Just left of the centre line of the road, except in cases of emergency.

What should you not do when you are being over taken?

Accelerate or move to the right.

At a road junction where most you stop?

You most stop at or before the stop line.

What do you do on approaching a junction to turn left/right if there are pedestrians already crossing?

Slow down allow them cross, stop if necessary.

What is a bus lane?

It is for the exclusive use of buses, taxis and cyclists within the specified times.

What must you remember before you overtake?

You must have a clear view ahead and then use the ‘Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre’ technique.

What does this sign mean?

Series of bumps or Hollows ahead

What Should a driver do before towing a caravan?

Have mirrors fitted to the towing vehicle and use them regularly

What must you make sure of before starting a reverse?

That you have a clear view and that no pedestrians, especially children, are crossing behind you. Look out for cyclists

What lights should you have on in fog?

Dipped headlights & fog lights on rear if fitted.

Name some signs and road markings that would prohibit you from parking?

No parking signs, bus lane signs, clearway signs, yellow lines or continuous double whit lines in the centre of the road.

When is it particularly dangerous to park on the road at night?

In heavy fog or badly lit areas.

What vehicles must you give way to at a junction of equal importance?

All vehicles approaching from the right and traffic already on the junction.

What does this sign mean?

Motorway ends 1km ahead.

Name some conditions where you would need to increase your braking distance?

Rain ( especially road wet after dry spell), loose chippings, ice, snow, worn tyres fallen leaves.

What is the significance if a driver flashes his/her lights at you?

Take note of his/her presence.

What is the minimum insurance on a vehicle?

Third party.

Where would parking obscure the view of others?

At junctions, on a bend or brow of a hill, on the approach side of a zebra crossing.

How many types of road signs are there?

Three: Regulatory (Mainly round signs), Informative (information signs) and warning (yellow and black).

Why is a stop or yield sign so shaped?

If defaced or covered in any way, the driver recognizes the shape.

What are Chevrons?

They are direction arrows to indicate deviation ahead, bad bends etc. You most follow the arrows.

What does this sign mean?


What is a controlled pedestrian crossing?

Pedestrian traffic lights.

How many pedestrian crossings are there?

Zebra, Pelican, Puffin and Toucan.

If you were driving along the road and felt drowsy, what should you do?

Pull over stop and open your window.

What do Zig-Zag lines mean on approach to a zebra crossing?

No parking, no overtaking, no stopping (except for traffic reasons).

When would you overtake on the left?

When the driver in front of you has signaled his intention to turn right and you have room to do so. In slow moving traffic where the left hand lane is moving quicker than the right-hand lane. On a one way street, when you are turning left.

If a blind person were crossing the road, how would you know he/she was blind?

There would be two reflective bands on his/her white stick or guide dog.

What should you do if blinded by oncoming lights at night?

Look to the left, slow down, move in and if you are still blinded slow down more or stop.

What does this sign mean?

With flow bus lane on left.

What does this sign mean?

Pedestrianised street.

What does an amber traffic light mean?

Stop, if it is safe to do so.

To keep your vehicle in legal condition what should you pay particular attention to?

Lights – brakes – tyres – indicators – steering – wipers – speedometer – horn.

What does the rules of the road say about sounding your horn?

You should not sound your horn between the hours of 11.30pm and 7.00am except in emergencies.

Name some places where you should not park?

Double yellow lines – single yellow lines (within time zones) Too close to a junction – corners – opposite a stationary vehicle – opposite a continuous white line.

What does this sign mean?

Hospital sign.

What vehicles are prohibited from using a motorway?

Learner driver vehicles – motor bikes under 50cc, invalid cars or horse drawn vehicles and any vehicle not capable of attaining 50kph.

When should you use your hazard lights?

At the scene of an accident, when your car is broken down or being towed.

What should always be kept clean on your vehicle?

Mirrors – lights – windows – reflectors – registration plate.

What is the meaning of a single white line in the centre of the road?

It divides the road and should not be crossed except in exceptional circumstances e.g. road works, an accident, cyclists, parked cars or other obstruction.

What does this sign mean?

Industrial estate symbol.

Which is the safest way to park your vehicle at night?

Passenger side to the kerb, (reflectors to the following traffic).

How should you approach a green light that has been green from the first time you have seen it?

Approach with caution at a speed, which would enable you to stop safely if necessary.

What does this sign mean?

Level crossing ahead, guarded by gates or lifting barrier.

What markings are you likely to find at traffic lights?

Stop line – two pedestrian lines – continuous white line – two yellow lines – yellow box – directional arrows.

When is parking permitted at a taxi rank?

Parking at a taxi rank is prohibited.

What is the sequence of traffic lights?

Green – Amber – Red – Green.

When is a driver allowed to carry more passengers in a car than there are seat belts available?

It is never allowed.

Who is responsible for ensuring that a child wears a child restraint system in a vehicle?

The driver

What should a driver do if dazzled by the lights of an oncoming vehicle?

Look to the left-hand edge of the roadway and if necessary reduce speed.

What should a driver do when they want to change to the right in which there is other traffic?

Use the mirror, signal and move into the right-hand lane when a suitable gap appears in the traffic in that lane.

What should a driver do in the event of a breakdown or incident in a tunnel?

Switch on hazard lights and stop as close to the left-hand side as possible.

What should a driver do when reversing a vehicle with a trailer attached?

Look all around and use rear view mirrors when reversing.

Name some conditions where you would need to increase your braking distance?

Rain ( especially road wet after dry spell), loose chippings, ice, snow, worn tyres fallen leaves.

What does this sign mean?

Stop (Lane closed)

What does this sign mean?

No entry to vehicles (by reference to the number of axles)

What should a driver do to ensure better fuel efficiency from the vehicle?

Ensure that the vehicle is regularly serviced.

What should a driver do when driving in dense fog?

Reduce speed and used dipped head lights.

When attaching a trailer to their vehicle what should a driver check for?

That the load is evenly spread.

What do rumble strips warn a driver of?

A danger immediately ahead or to the side

What does this sign mean?

Road divides

What does this sign mean?

Merging and diverging traffic

What does this sign mean?

Entry to motorway

What should a driver do when overtaking a vehicle that is throwing up spray?

Move out earlier than normal and give extra clearance.

What is a likely consequence of sudden braking?

The vehicle could be hit from behind.

What does this sign mean?

Staggered crossroads

What does this sign mean?


What do flashing amber lights at a pelican crossing mean?

Stop and give way to pedestrians – proceed if the way is clear.

The driver is approaching traffic lights that they know have been green for some time what should they do?

The driver should prepare to stop in case the lights change before they reach them.

What traffic may use a contra flow bus lane?

Buses on a scheduled service.

How might a driver know if there is black ice on the road?

There will be a decrease in road noise in the vehicle. Steering will seem lighter.

What should a driver do if their vehicle is broken down and they are awaiting assistance?

Switch on the vehicle hazard warning lights, get out of the vehicle and stand to the side.

What can be achieved by the driving style known as 'Eco-driving'?

Reduced fuel consumption, increased road safety and reduced emissions.

According to the pre-crash report which gender was more likely to drink and drive and be involved in a fatal collision?


According to the pre-crash report what type of vehicle were the majority of people driving when they had consumed alcohol and caused a fatal collision?

Private car

According to the pre-crash report what type of fatal collision was a person more likely to be involved in when drink driving?

Single-vehicle collision

According to the pre-crash report which days of the week were people more likelyt to drink and drive and cause a fatal collision?

Saturday and Sunday

According to the pre-crash report how did the use of alcohol affect a person's decision to use a seatbelt?

Drivers and passengers were less likely to wear a seatbelt

What is the minimum blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level at which a learner or novice driver is committing an offence?


What is the maximum disqualification period imposed in court where the learner driver has a blood alcohol concenration (BAC) level in excess of 80mg?

6 years

According to the pre-crash report which age group had the highest number of drivers causing fatal collisions where alcohol was a factor?

16 - 24 years

According to the pre-crash report how many people were killed by a driver who had consumed alcohol?

More than 251

A driver is automatically disqualified from driving for how long if, on a first offence, they refused to provide a member of An Garda Síochána with a sample of blood, urine or breath?

4 years

Which of the following is a possible consequence for a learner driver if they drink and drive after drinking as little as just one unit of alcohol?

A three month disqualification from driving

According to the pre-crash report out of 867 fatal collisions how many had alcohol as a contributory factor?

251 - 350

According to the pre-crash report what age group had the higest number of passenger deaths in collisions where alcohol was a factor?

17 - 24 years

According to the pre-crash report how many passengers were killed in a collision where alcohol was a known factor?

71 - 90

According to the pre-crash report what percentage of the 169 drivers killed in an alcohol related collision had consumed alcohol?


According to the pre-crash report how many pedestrians were killed where alcohol consumption by the pedestrian was a factor?

41 - 90

According to the pre-crash report in how many fatal collisions was alcohol a contributory factor?

4 out of 10

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