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  • Greenore to Greencastle Ferry

    The Launch of the New Scenic Carlingford Ferry is planned for June 2017, which will transport foot passengers and up to 44 cars from Greenore (Co.Louth) to Greencastle (Co.Down). It will take just 15min to traverse one of the most beautiful stretches of water on the Island of Ireland. This will be a huge benefit to local tourism and will increase traffic on local roads.

  • Covid 19 Lockdown

    On 28th March 2020 Leader of the Irish Goverment Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has announce sweeping restrictions to help save lives by slowing down the spread of the coronavirus. Citzens are to stay at home for two weeks until 12th April 2020. They may only leave if their work is essential Doctor, nurse, Truck/ Haulage driver, Supermarket staff, petrol station attendant, food or health store, firebrigade or Garda etc.. People are allowed to leave home for shopping and exercise as long as its within a 2km radious. All public and private gathers are banned, as are visits to prisons and hostpitals.

  • Best of luck Dundalk F.C C'mon the Town !!

    The Very best of luck to Dundalk F.C on their quest for European glory in the Europa league, Domestically to do the double in the FAI Cup and the treble in the Irish Premier Division. From all at

  • ToolFix Break in. Reward offered

    A terrible incident occured in the local Hardware store ToolFix where in the late hours around 4:20 p.m Friday night. Two males broke into the store and "proceeded to take a lot of stock, mainly socket sets, teng, toptul, draper etc.” according to the owner. Camera footage caught them on tape and anyone with information about these two individuals is asked to come fowards. A reward of 500 has been set for information that will lead towards catching them.  Any information should be given to Dundalk Garda Station on 042 9335577. More about the incident as well as the footage can be found here

  • Cross Border Tourism Conference 2016

    This Wednesday (20th April) a Cross Border Tourism Conference will take place in Carlingford in the four seasons hotel from 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. the conference will aim to promote Tourism and general business in the can find more information on abdout the even  here:

  • Traffic Disruptions due to cycle lanes

    As the children are returning to school after the holidays some disruptions may be caused by the work being done at St Mary’s College. As the ongoing work continues a cycle lane has been installed as a part of this. However a yellow box has also been added meaning that cars are no longer allowed to park there. This will cause some confusion and may result in you having to park nearby, this will also only apply in the morning and afternoon so if this does not relate to you keep in mind that there may be more children crossing the road than usual, so plan accordingly.

  • Airbound Trampoline Park

    The Airbound Trampoline park has opened in DundalkAirbound is open daily 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.Perfect for ages 5+, they cater for parties and you can pre-book a dateYou can enjoy activities such as

  • M1 Motorway Break-ins

    The M1 local junction has been popular with motorists for a "good" parking space, however the warning's been out that motorists should be careful when leaving their vehicles unattended because multiple cars have been vandalized along the junctions stretching from J14 Ardee to J18 Dundalk North/Carlingford. If anybody notices anything suspicious they are urged to notify the contact Ardee Garda Station on 041 6853222.  

  • Prometric Hiring Evening

    on Thirsday 3rd of November Prometric will bve holding a job fair even for anyone interested they will be accepting many applicants for different skill sets for different posintions such as 

  • No news of funding the Narrow Water Bridge

    The bridge that was supposed to join Omeath and Warrenpoint has not received and allocation to funding. Despite the requests by Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party for it to be put back into work.The 67 page agreement did give way to the A5 to be upgraded between Derry and Strabane however no news to the funding allocation towards the bridge  More information on:


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