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How to Book your Driving Test: Apply Online Here

Apply online on the RSA website, call 1890 40 60 40 or alternatively download the driving test application form and email it to drivingtest@rsa.ie.

Sample Driving test theory questions

Category B and Category BE

 (We provide Manual and Automatic driving lessons)

Dundalk Driving Test Centre

Newry road 



A91 RY8X                                                       


1890 406040

Can I Choose a Particular Day?

To get a particular day that suits Book your test approximately eight weeks in advance. Average waiting times are usually between 8 and 12 weeks.

You should get a notice of your appointment four to five weeks in advance of your test.

Preparing for Your Driving Test

  1. Study carefully the Rules of the Road 
  2. Seek the assistance of a good  RSA Approved driving instructor; 
  3. Practice driving as much as possible on all types of road and in all types of traffic situations, including driving at night; 
  4. Build up your driving experience and confidence before applying for your test. 
  5. Click for final checks.  

Special Circumstances 

You should contact the Driver Testing Section in advance if you: 

  • Have problems with hearing or speaking English. In this case you are allowed to have an interpreter with you on the oral part of the driving test. This person cannot accompany you during the practical part of the test.
  • Are restricted in your movements or have any disability which could affect your driving.

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Before you arrive at the Test Centre Dundalk

  • ‘L’ plates
  • Make sure you have clearly displayed L Plates attached to the front and rear of your vehicle so that they are clearly visible. Place them where it will not hamper visibility.
  • Valid tax, insurance and, if applicable, NCT discs should be displayed on the windscreen.
  • Check that all mirrors and lights are clean.
  • Ensure you have enough fuel in the tank?
  • Check your fluids: oil, coolant, brake, power-steering
  • Check levels. In particular, check oil pressure in case of leaks.
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Ensure you have enough Windscreen washer
  • Plan to arrive approximately 20 minutes before the appointed time of your test. Make sure you bring your Learners Permit (Provisional Licence) and if applicable your EDT logbook.

Top Tip to PASS the test!

  • At the test centre reverse your vehicle into the Parking Bay, so that when you begin your driving test you can drive off easily instead of starting with a reverse!
  • Be sitting in the waiting area beside the examiners office fifteen minutes before your driving test starts.  

Part 1. Theory

 Your tester will ask you between 12 and 15 questions on the Rules of the Road including identifying road signs.

Part 2. Technical Checks

  • Make sure you know how to lift the bonnet and show how you would check the level off Oil, Coolant, Brake-fluid, Power steering and windscreen washer.
  • Know the minimum thread depth for your tyres (1.6mm), also what to look out for eg: Cuts, Bulges, that there is no steel showing and tyre pressure.

Part 3. Secondary controls

  • Know how to operate the secondary controls, such as windscreen wipers and washers, demisters, rear window heater, lights and air-conditioning where fitted. You must also know how to adjust the seat, seat-belt and mirrors and ensure the doors are closed; 
  • Be able to demonstrate Hand Signals.
  • In the case of a vehicle and trailer, you must know how to uncouple and recouple the trailer from/to the drawing vehicle;
  • In the case of a motorcycle test, you must be able to remove the machine from its stand. You must also know how to adjust the helmet;
  • in the case of a heavy vehicle test, you must know how to check the power-assisted braking and steering systems, and how to use any retarder or exhaust brake as fitted to the vehicle;

Part 4. The Practical Driving Test Dundalk

This part of the driving test lasts roughly 40 minutes for cars. During this time you will drive approximately five miles under a variety of road and traffic conditions.

Aspects of your driving that will be assessed include: 

  • use of mirrors and signals
  • road positioning
  • overtaking and passing
  • progress 
  • anticipation and observation
  • speed
  • compliance with traffic lights, road signs and markings
  • use of the vehicle controls (accelerator, clutch, gears, brakes and steering).
  • moving off
  • driving in traffic
  • stopping
  • reversing round a corner
  • turning about to face in the opposite direction
  • starting on a hill
  • parking

If you pass your test 

Congratulations! You will receive a certificate of competency to drive from the Examiner at there office (1st floor room 2) . You can then apply to your local Motor Taxation Office for a full driving licence. The certificate is valid for two years. 

What happens if you fail?

You will be given a detailed report on the faults, which occurred during the test. Discuss the outcome with your Advanced Driving Instructor. You can reapply immediately. Application forms are normally available at the test centre or: 

Apply online on the RSA website, call 1890 40 60 40 or alternatively download the driving test application form [PDF] and email it to drivingtest@rsa.ie.



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