Covid 19 Lockdown

On 28th March 2020 Leader of the Irish Goverment Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has announce sweeping restrictions to help save lives by slowing down the spread of the coronavirus. Citzens are to stay at home for two weeks until 12th April 2020. They may only leave if their work is essential Doctor, nurse, Truck/ Haulage driver, Supermarket staff, petrol station attendant, food or health store, firebrigade or Garda etc.. People are allowed to leave home for shopping and exercise as long as its within a 2km radious. All public and private gathers are banned, as are visits to prisons and hostpitals. People over 70 are to strictly cocoon and their food and midicine should be delivered. A minimum distance of two metres should be kept between people to help stop the spread of Covid @Irish Republic @coronavirus @Covid 19 @Lockdown2020 #Irish Republic #government

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